Silicone Bongs

Silicone Bongs

Silicone Bongs are a real game-changer in the smoking world! There’s so many benefits to smoking out of silicone, you’ll forget you ever used something else!


    Let’s face it, broken bongs suck. Tired of knocking over your expensive heady pieces, or lets be real, having your baked bud do it to you? Welcome to the world of Silicone Bongs. Silicone has been deemed “indestructible” by the cannabis community. Knock it over, throw it across the room, play catch with it if you want, it’ll hold up no problem! (Just make sure to take out your bowl and downstem first!)


    Silicone is durable, yet flexible and easily folded up to fit in your bag, purse, backpack, or even pocket! Take it with you on your next hike, take it over to your buddies house, or even take it to a festival. Being as flexible as it is allows for you to be able to take it anywhere you heart desires, the only limit is your imagination!


    Every silicone piece on 420PotBongs is made of the highest quality Medical-Grade Silicone. This is the same material used in implants, straws, and most anything else in the world of consumer products. Studies have been done all throughout the cannabis world showing that silicone is not only highly resistant to heat and chemicals, but also perfectly safe to smoke out of! Best part is, they don’t have any sort of smell or taste that’ll taint with your high-quality flower.

Discreet But Powerful

    So at this point I know what you're thinking, “That’s all fine and well, but how do they hit?” Let me tell you, these things pack a PUNCH. Bring this with you to your next sesh,  and let you and your friends be the judges. Sure, when you unfold this thing out of your bag or pocket, they might poke fun, but they’ll barely be able to keep their eyes open after a few hits through this thing.

Easy to Clean

    Alright, let’s face it we’ve all been there. You went out and bought your cleaning solution, or some alcohol and sea salt, and now it’s time for the most stressful part of owning an expensive glass piece, the cleaning. You have to be ever so delicate, make sure not to tap it on your sink, or god forbid drop it. It’s unnecessary stress and it takes away from the ownership of a nice piece. Well lucky for you, take your silicone piece and just chuck it in the dishwasher! Sure, the solutions (bought or made) are still necessary if you have a ton of resin, but if you’re just coming back from a camping trip or a festival, it’s as easy as throwing it in, turning on the dishwasher, and waiting an hour for a clean piece!

It’ll Last Forever

    Now this is what makes my silicone piece so special. I bought it as soon as I was legal, and still have it to this day. Silicone pieces will never break, they’ll go with you everywhere, and they’ll very quickly become your favorite piece. Never again run to your local gas station because your “friend” knocked over your big glass bong. Let’s face it, they’re not going to replace it when they break it, are they?

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