How Often Do I Need To Renew My Medical Marijuana License? news

How Often Do I Need To Renew My Medical Marijuana License?

Does my medical marijuana card expire? How long is my medical marijuana card valid for?

Yes. The medical marijuana card is only valid for one year after the date which the card is issued.

How do I renew my medical marijuana card?

In order to renew your medical marijuana card in Florida you must visit a medical marijuana doctor and be reevaluated. After the evaluation the medical marijuana doctor will issue a new medical marijuana certificate and a new application will be sent to the Florida Department of Health, who will then issue a new medical marijuana card. In order to prevent any lapse in your legal protection it is recommended that you apply for your new card at least 45 days before your current medical marijuana card expires.

When should I renew my medical marijuana card?

In order to prevent any lapse in legal protection you should submit a new medical marijuana application at least 45 days prior to your current medical marijuana card's expiration date to avoid any lapse in coverage.

Florida Marijuana Rights and Responsibilities

Is my information kept confidential when I enroll into Florida's medical marijuana program?

Yes. The Florida Department of Health and marijuana doctors are bound by confidentiality agreements and HIPPA laws. A medical marijuana patient's information is only shared with certain authorized personal such as state and local law enforcement agencies on a need to know basis. For example if you are pulled over by law enforcement while possessing medical marijuana the officer will need to verify that your medical marijuana card is valid by querying the Department of Health's Compassionate Use Registry database.

Who has access to the Compassionate Use Registry database?

The people who have access to the Compassionate Use Registry database are:

  • Florida Department of Health's Office of Compassionate Use employees who administrate the database.
  • The medical marijuana doctor's office that the patient was evaluated by
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries/growers that you purchase medical marijuana from who need to verify a patient's status before they are able to sell medical marijuana to the patient
  • Local and state law enforcement, but only if you get stopped while possessing medical marijuana
  • The medical marijuana patient themselves and their caregiver/legal representative can access their own patient information

The Department of Health does not share your information with federal agencies, or any other organization other than those listed above.

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